Here are my first couple of books. I’ve got lots of ideas and possibilities — we’ll see how many I get done!

Comfort – Walking Scriptures

This book is all about comfort for hurting hearts directly from God through the Bible. It started out as a set of Scriptures my wife gave me on 3×5 cards when I was going through a very rough time. I took those cards and pondered them while walking at the Eldorado Nature Center in Long Beach. I then added more Scriptures and put them into a booklet and kept on walking. Other folks saw the booklet and wanted their own copy, so I printed more up. Now, this is the first book in a series of books about the Scriptures in the booklet.

This book consists of a set of articles from insights gotten during the walks, some with pictures of the Nature Center, and the whole set of Scriptures. If you want, you can put this on a smartphone and use it just like the booklet during your own devotions or walks.

The God of all comfort has comforted me, and now I want to share the comfort. I have had more practical growth from a long period of hurting than when times have been going great. This book is ideal for those who want to have God’s comfort in their lives.

12 Keys To A Great Website

This book gives you the keys you need to make a truly great website. Using these practical, real-world principles you will know how to create websites that are among the best in the world.

Each of these keys comes from experience with a wide variety of websites. They are presented in a clear, easy to understand format, making them easy to use.

The 12 keys include crucial information about a range of topics, including:
– How to understand what your users are looking for
– How to conduct extremely useful inexpensive usability tests
– How to get your site to show up in search listings
– What you absolutely must do to get repeat visits
– Six ways to attract links to your site
and much, much more.

Simply put, this is THE book you should read to take your site from good to great.