Please bore me!

Great technology is boring.  It just works, accomplishing what it is meant to do.  It works as expected, rarely thrilling us with anything unexpected.

Sure, during the early hours with a new toy tool everything is fun and new.  It dazzles and entertains as we get to know it.  But the really good tools get past that pretty quickly, and just effortlessly merge into our lives, serving their function well without calling attention to themselves.  No bugs, no irritations, just solid service.

It is a lot like the person running sound at a live event.  If they do their job well, all of the focus is on the event, not on the person running the sound.  However, if there is feedback, or if you can’t hear something, etc., then the event is disturbed and focus switches where it does not belong.

So please bore me with software and products that just plain work!

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